Madhya Pradesh: State-wide capacity building campaigns

UNICEF, Madhya Pradesh has signed a Small Scale Funding Agreement (SSFA) with Feedback Foundation to facilitate the scaling up of NBA in five districts using community approaches to sustainable sanitation. Under this initiative, following events have been planned for the next quarter:

Ø One-day action planning workshop at state level to evolve strategy for scaling up NBA in the five districts to be held in July 2014.

Ø State level trainings in five districts, followed by 3-day practice sessions for the trained Master Trainers to be held in August 2014.

Ø Handholding and supportive supervision at district level training in five districts

Creating Wealth from Waste

Creating Wealth from Waste

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A case study of Timona GP in Assam

A case study of Timona GP in Assam

Celestina Purti, a resident of Tamulbari tea estate in Timona Gram Panchayat (Lahoal block, Dibrugarh, Assam) is a highly motivated natural leader. Having been made aware of the health hazards and other ill-effects of open defecation, she has now emerged as asanitation champion in her community. She says: “Nowadays, I purposely ask my sister why she rushes to the toilet every evening immediately after returning home from her work inthe tea garden, since she can very well go out into the garden itself. My sister vehemently disagrees; she will not go out into the open”explaining the new awareness and change among her community.

This mindset and behaviour change was further reinforced when the Timona community, not withstanding pouring rains, joyously participated in a “Walk of Pride” on 2nd October2012 to declare themselves Open Defecation Free (ODF).

The four-month long journey to ODF status for Timon a began in early July 2012 whenFeedback Foundation (FF), in partnership with UNICEF, and PHED (Govt. of Assam) started their assignment to pilot Community Approaches to Total Sanitation (CATS) approach in Lahoal block to create ODF communities through community mobilisation and collective action. Following an initial periodof rapport building with each habitation in Timona GP, a large section of which comprises tea garden communities, triggeringactivities started on 9th July’12.




Divisional workshops

Divisional workshop in Bikaner, Rajasthan will be held for sensitisation and orientation of key stakeholders and facilitate conduction of Panchayat Diwas events.

Patiya’s journey to ODF status


Patiya’s journey to ODF status Gram Panchayat Patiya, in Kherwada block of Udaipur district of Rajasthan, comprises five revenue villages: Patiya, Kanpur, Chikli, Retd
a and Jhajhri, with 1030 households.On 13th January 2012, the field team of Feedback Ventures paid a pre-triggering visit to
Patiya and met with a few key persons: Anganwadi workers, ANM workers, wardpanchand sarpanch, and decided on 19thJanuary’12 as the date for triggering. Prior to th
is, a mere 62 households had their own toilets, while others went out for defecation. None of
the anganwadis had toilets, while schools had toilets which were non-functional and unused.